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Chef Hubert Gerard

Chef  renowned  in "Champagne", Hubert Gérard knew how to put his passion for French gastronomy at the service of the biggest names in the region, including the most prestigious houses of champagne as well as many individuals by covering the most important events of a life. Over time, of his tests, and thanks to his impeccable rigor and his great curiosity, this enthusiast has awakened or should we say awakened our taste buds, with flavors sublimating the explosion of aromas and textures in the mouth. , and thus perpetuated one of the finest legacies in the world: the enrichment of French gastronomy. Thank you, chef Hubert Gérard, for the honor you do us by pairing our Madame de Savigny champagnes with your creations, each one more exquisite than the next.


Sparkling yours, Madame de Savigny

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