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"Charm and bewitchment are the key words

of our exquisite cuvées "

The universe of Champagne can be defined as a sky dotted with stars.

Bubbles by the thousands, day and night, but which shine more in the evening;

in short, an exceptional painting.

A cosmos made up of a thousand secrets, through tenacity and know-how

which requires great passion.

Champagne agitates all your senses, it awakens them, tickles them.

Madame de Savigny welcomes you to an enchanting world where

the whirling of the bubbles rings in your ears like poetry,

where the sparkle of Champagne adorns your gold cups

and where the delicate bead of foam dresses the décolleté with a divine drink  !

Our champagne!

Starting point of our beautiful terroir but also legend of our valley,

Madame de Savigny is constantly mentioned in our regions

as an exceptional woman.

Indeed, a long time ago, a young aristocrat endowed with the beauty and intelligence

and whose condition did not require work,

had an extraordinary destiny...

A destiny, borrowed from trials, doubts, but also creations, love

and courage! Madame de Savigny remains and introduces you to her favorite drink,Champagne! 

Champagne, a drink prized by the gods and made by mortals to satisfytheir taste buds, faced the whims of the deities

rising from these harsh lands

in the face of cold, rain, drought, storms, and war.


But the gods never triumphed, whether in Roman times

during the planting of the first vines in the Champagne region,

during wars, or nowadays.

Failing to be the drink of the gods, Champagne became the drink of Kings.

It is rumored that it is thanks to Clovis, Kings of the Franks, that the beverage was made famousduring the  of his baptism in Reims.


From the 17th century, the wines of Champagne seduced

more and more the great European royal courts.

If Champagne was the drink of Kings, its appeal might have faded

with the French Revolution, but no!

Champagne survived by bonding intimately with the Republic.

 This sparkling wine has always played a role in politics,

including during Napoleon's Empire, and after his fall.


The most famous white wine is mainly made from black grapes,

carefully picked by hand (machines are prohibited).

To obtain a white wine from a grape variety as tannic as pinot noir

(which, let's remember, is the grape variety for red Burgundy)

testifies so much to the stubbornness of the Champenois and Champenoises

only love they have for this grape variety.


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